Vladimir Pavlov
KetchUp Burgers Brand Chef

With more than 15 years experience in this profession, his successful career began as an entry level cook and has led him all the way to the top as a brand-chef and trend setter. He started one of the first luxury class catering companies that provides inflight meals for private/executive aircraft.

He was a member of the TV-show "Hell’s Kitchen" (season 2) and various other culinary programs. At the moment, he is working for KetchUp Burgers and conducts several copyrighted TV programs on the popular Russian cooking channel "Food".

The KetchUp Restaurant Team has an open vacancy for the position of Top International Manager.
Our stringent and reasonable requirements are: Mandatory and extensive experience in the restaurant business, ability to speak foreign languages (English primarily), willing to accept the possibility of taking long business trips. Ability to be a team player and be passionate about your work is a must. We value our employees hard work and we are willing to offer a competitive and high salary. Please send your resume to: founders@ketch-up.ru
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